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Jericho is a family run business started in 2009 in Sarande,Albania.
Back in the days,tourism was not the main industry in our country.It was hard and difficult to be in the business especially due to the lack of tourists. We first started it,by constructing 5 little rooms that we would occasionally rent to tourists,mostly albanians. After a while we created and opened Jericho Cocktail Bar at the main boulevard of the town. A few years later,we also opened Juice Bar just a few ,meters away from Jericho Cocktail Bar.
Thanks to the vision of our parents,we today we operate and offer accommodation services on our Jericho Rooms Hotel,with a capacity of 12 modren rooms. Jericho Cocktail bar is welcoming our guests every night and day,as well as Juice Bar.


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60€ / night
Room 302
60€ / night
Room 403
60€ / night
Room 402
60€ / night
Room 401
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Room 102

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